The world's worst food photography and recipes

The worlds worst food photography and recipes EVER


While I am winging my way to Los Angeles via London (5,938 miles to London and then onto another plane for a further 5,437 miles to Los Angeles)I thought for a bit of fun I   would share these ridiculously unappealing images that I found on Buzzfeed . This site is such fun with a lot of random and interesting facts. But then again, spare a thought for me eating the airline food, which most of the time is just as awful. My next post will be reaching you from sunny California.

Photography has come a long way since these pictures were taken, but the thought of eating any one of these terrible combination of foods is just too awful for words. Okay I know we now have digital cameras, photoshop, and a million other apps that can change our pictures into awsome works of art with just the click of a button, and everyone is a “photographer” of sorts.  But what were these people thinking when they put together these recipes. My stomach turns at the thought of them.

Today is definitely the day to appreciate that we dont have to look at these kind of pictures when deciding what meal to make.   Have a look at all the great food sites for exciting food recipes and pictures.  Tastespotting, Foodgawker, Yumgoggle, Healthy Aperture, Tasteologie and my all time favourite Dessert Stalking .


1. Lime Cheese Salad.  “Jello , Cottage Cheese, Mayo  and Salad  ”


2. Premium Frankfurters with creamed diced carrots in onion cups. I feel sorry for the Runyon Family eating this as a “frequently enjoyed dinner favourite”

Tender frankfurters


3. Glorified Meat Loaf with tender crisp Del Monte Green Beans.

Green Beans Pizzarino


4. Monterey tuna souffle salad.



5. Meal in a mould.  The image is so bad I cant even guess what is in this one.




6. Spam n Limas. “Cold or Hot – Spam hits the spot”



7. Spork stuffed tomatoes. What are these words they use “try Sbeef companion meat to Spork”  I am sure Burns and Co went out of business very quickly.


Burns and CO



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  • Reply Christi August 9, 2017 at 8:27 PM

    Meal in a Mould looks to have canned lunchon meat, shoestring carrots, canned chicken, and peas. Looks like maybe consomme but I can’t tell. At least it’s unflavored gelatin.

    If you want to add drinks, look for a Campbells soup ad about Soup Shakes. Cream of X soup with milk, serve cold. I need an image of it with better resolution, to read all the gory details.

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