Ev-Thomas-819x1024Welcome to Shades of Cinnamon – recording a lifetime of cooking, a passion for food and travel, and a camera to capture  the beautiful things in life.

Ev Thomas – I am a recipe developer, a writer, a food stylist and the photographer behind and in front of Shades of Cinnamon.

 My aim is to inspire you to try something new in this amazing culinary world of ours. I have cooked for as long as I can remember, with my greatest love being desserts and baking. The recipes you will find here are easy enough for anyone to make, even those starting out on the great cooking experience.

Even though I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world, and been exposed to so many wonderful influences, I love Africa above all. Only those who have lived or travelled to Africa can fully appreciate the beauty of this amazing country, its melting pot of cultures, landscapes too vast for the eye to see, incredible numbers of wild animals, and above all its mix of gastronomic delights. I am truly blessed and privileged to live here and would like to share some of Africa’s beauty with you, some of the food I have eaten and cooked around the world, as well as the amazing markets I have travelled to both near and far. So put your feet up and spent a little time browsing through my recipes and travels.

Shades of Cinnamon is also a collaborative effort between myself and various nutritionists and bloggers who share their love of food.  Please feel free to contact me if you are keen to participate in sharing your favourite recipes or stories on this blog. info@shadesofcinnamon.com


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