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Make your own Healthy Cacao Granola

It seems like I have just got back from Australia, and tomorrow I leave for 5 weeks in beautiful California, so watch this space for some healthy, nutritious meals coming out of Kelly’s kitchen, where we will be cooking up a storm.

But before I leave, here is my new healthy granola recipe which is simple and quick to make. I have added all the goodness of raw cacao, organic rolled oats and nuts, making this chocolate granola super healthy and nutritious. Serve this Healthy Cacao Granola in a bowl with cold milk or yoghurt, and add banana or berries for an energy boosting breakfast that is a healthy alternative to processed chocolate cereals found in the stores. Continue Reading


A Weekend in the Bush

Spending a few days in the beautiful South African bushveld this weekend was like an instant recharge to my batteries. I am so blessed to live a mere few hours drive from an abundance of wild animals.  But due to the devastating threat to Rhino in our beautiful country, this area, which this weekend we called “The Garden of Eden”  will remain unnamed. Continue Reading


4 Tips to making Perfect Biscotti

I love these Cranberry and Cashew Biscotti , they’re perfect with coffee, as a breakfast on the go, with an afternoon tea as a sweet snack, or after dinner for a light dessert. Seriously I can’t get enough of them. These are my 4 tips to making perfect biscotti.  Continue Reading

Healthy, No Bake, Sugar-free Kitchen

Healthy no bake Chocolate Bliss Balls

When you are craving chocolate and are trying to avoid sugar, then these Healthy no bake Chocolate bliss balls made from cacao, nut butter and dates are a great alternative. It is really hard to bake when you are avoiding sugar, so I thought I would make these no bake chocolate bliss balls to snack on when everyone else is eating this decadant Chocolate Cake . These protein balls taste like delicious dark chocolate truffles, and BONUS they are guilt free.

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Georgina on Salamanca Market in Hobart

Salamanca Market in Hobart

I am really excited to introduce Georgina from the very popular blog The Amazing Flavours of Brazil, where she cooks Brazilian food in Australia.  She is a food fanatic and passionate cook, and shares her home-country recipes along with mouth watering images .  I recommend you visit her blog and spend some time looking through her amazing recipes .  Just click on the link above, but before you do that, read Georgina’s beautiful insight into the Salamanca Market in picturesque Hobart, Tasmania, that she has written for my series Markets of the World. Continue Reading

Mango Semi Freddo

Easy to make Refreshing Mango Semi Freddo

Most people love ice cream and lets face facts, it refreshes you when you are hot, keeps the kids happy, and solves absolutely every heartache without exception.   Semi freddo means “half cold” in Italian and is a fluffy, sliceable ice cream which is ideal to make in a loaf tin or to be scooped as you wish. It maintains a soft, velvety texture, even right out of the freezer. And since you don’t need an ice cream maker or any other special equipment, anyone can make it.

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Baking, Chocolate, Sugar-free Kitchen

Easy no bake Chocolate Nut Raspberry fridge Cake

When I tell you this deliciously rich, no bake Chocolate nut and raspberry fridge cake is the ultimate treat, and super easy to make,  I really mean it. Plus as an added bonus it has some surprisingly healthy ingredients in it.  So break out a slab of dark chocolate or two and get your freshest nuts for an overnight cake that will knock the socks off any other chocolate dessert you have tasted in a very long time. Continue Reading