Simple Christmas Cake

One simple Christmas Cake anyone can make

When I tell you this Christmas cake is simple to make, I mean super duper simple.  It takes minutes to put together, doesn’t need to be made in advance or soaked in brandy, and is deliciously soft and moist. You can make this Christmas Cake the day you need it, and can serve it for afternoon tea.  It doesn’t need any cover ups of marzipan, fondant icing or any fancy topping.

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Shades of Cinnamon is going Naked this Christmas

 There will be no cover ups, fancy toppings or complicated recipes for our Christmas baking this year.  It’s going to be “Ah Natural” with quick, simple and delicious Christmas bakes and tantalising treats, stripped to their basics, making this your easiest Christmas ever.    Continue Reading

Holiday baking
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Healthy Bakes for Summer Snacking

We all know summer brings with it the desire to keep fit and healthy – but making healthy snack choices isn’t always easy. With this in mind, Snowflake has rounded up some great healthy snack solutions.  From healthy nuts and seeds to going light on sugar, snacking on homemade bakes means you can still indulge without sacrificing texture and flavour. Continue Reading

granola bars
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Healthy trail mix granola bars

These little babies pack a big punch, with loads of  healthy nuts, wheatgerm, oats, coconut and the sweet taste of cranberries.  They are crunchy from the nuts, yet soft and chewy at the same time, and are great for an energy boosting snack .

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Walnut and date loaf

Date and Walnut Loaf

There is a quaint charm and feeling of bye gone years in a freshly baked rustic loaf smothered with rich creamy butter. It somehow reminds me of grandmas baking in beautiful liberty print aprons, and sipping tea from fine bone china teacups. This Date and Walnut loaf is a perfect teatime treat for a Sunday mid afternoon nibble with its nutty sweet flavours. Continue Reading

Lemon curd mascarpone mousse

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Mousse

This is a quick last minute dessert which takes minutes to put together and yet looks like you have been working at it for hours.  I served it with my gluten-free almond tuiles from last week, which balances the tangy lemon curd and rich mascarpone mousse.    Continue Reading

Gluten free Almond tuiles
Baking, Gluten-free

Gluten Free Almond Tuiles

Ooh….la….la…. I have just returned from a few beautiful days in Paris,  and as I love anything French, I thought I would make these crisp wafer thin Almond Tuiles to serve with my Lemon Curd Mascarpone Mousse.   The word “tuiles”, French for “tile” is derived from their traditional curved shape similar to that of roof tiles in France.

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Peppadew salad

8 Must Make Healthy Heart Recipes

Following on with September being Healthy Heart Month here are 8  MUST MAKE healthy heart recipes you may have missed.  As you can see – if your food is colourful, it means it is healthy, and these recipes are all quick and easy, so no excuses , get down and make them now.

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