Pavlova roulade with berries
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Pavlova Roulade with berries

Enjoy this very special dessert of a Pavlova Roulade with berries. My friend Noels is an amazing cook, and I begged her to share her delicious pavlova roll with us, but unfortunately on the day we had planned to cook, she was not well. The ingredients were bought, and not wanting my beautiful berries and cream to go to waste, I decided to make it anyway.  She assured me it was easy, and she was right, although it looks like it could be hard to roll a pavlova, if you follow the simple rules it will be perfect every time.

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Shades of CInnamon

Looking back and moving forward

I am so happy to introduce you to the new look Shades of Cinnamon .  Looking back on how its progressed and moving forward to a new cleaner, more responsive theme, is so exciting.  A big thank you to Shaun and his talented creative team at BPC for all your hard work.

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Food for the soul

Today – food of a different kind.

If you see a beautiful sunrise the likes of which you have never seen before, and it fills your heart so much that it almost hurts, or you hear a beautiful song and it warms your heart and emotionally makes you feel good inside, thats “food for the soul”. Continue Reading


Beetroot Chips with Rosemary salt

In South Africa and America we call them chips, but elsewhere they seem to be known as crisps.  Whatever you call them, these delicious  chips are fun to make but don’t restrict them to beets, chips can be made with any root vegetable you may have handy. Yellow and red beets, carrots, turnips or parsnips work well and each with their own unique flavour. Continue Reading

Lemon and Poppyseed drizzle cake

Lemon and Poppyseed Drizzle Cake


Sundays are my favourite baking day, and with a little rain around it makes the experience even more enjoyable.  This Lemon and Poppyseed drizzle loaf with yoghurt is moist and simple to bake. Continue Reading

Chocolate ice cream
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Lactose free Chocolate Ice Cream

 Lactose free ice cream made with coconut cream tastes almost better than the real thing.  Admit when you look at this delicious soft creamy ice cream,  you just want to eat it now – so get into the kitchen and make it – you can put it together quicker than it takes to freeze.  This recipe is a basic dairy free ice cream to which I have added cocoa making it a creamy dark chocolate , with the delicious taste of coconut cream. Continue Reading

Overnight Bran and Date muffins
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Overnight Bran and Date Muffins


With sweet, plump dates and natural bran, how can you resist these Healthy overnight bran and date muffins.  They’re incredibly moist and full of healthy ingredients, and there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked muffins wafting through the house in the early morning. Continue Reading

Protein Oat smoothie
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Oat Protein Smoothie to start a healthier New Year

SO THE WORD IS OUT –  sugar, carbs and  takeouts are on this years  “most unwanted” list.   Although I am not guilty of takeouts, I do love carbs and sugar, but I am making a conscious effort to cut down ever so slightly.  Its really hard to cut back on sugar when baking is what you love to do, so for awhile at least I will try to make healthier choices.

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