Have a heart

September is Heart Month

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) wants all people in South Africa to #HaveHeart this Heart Awareness Month by showing you care: for yourself, your families and for South Africa by not letting heart disease win.

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy heart. Having a healthy body and heart can help you feel your best. It doesn’t have to be tough with these simple changes in your eating choices, you will feel the difference. Here’s how to get started

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Rice pudding and rosewater strawberries

Strawberry and Rose Rice Pudding

If you are feeling adventurous get yourself a bottle of delicious aromatic Rosewater – it gives beautiful subtle flavours to cocktails, iced teas, delicate desserts, like panna cotta and my all time favourite Strawberry and Rose Rice Pudding.  In this recipe the flavours of the strawberries are enhanced with the delicate sweet taste of rose water. Continue Reading


Lime Melting Moment Cookies

What makes Melting Moment cookies so irresistible?  They are one of those old fashioned cookies that everyone remembers from their childhood – soft , melt in your mouth morsels that make you go back for more and more. This is an easy to bake, eggless sweet treat which requires very little effort.

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OC Fair

Fried at the Orange County Fair

What happens when a food blogger and a nutritionist head off to see what food is on offer at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa?  SHOCK, HORROR AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN , because this is America folks, and its not County fair food unless its big, battered, grease-soaked, carbo and calorie loaded , and deep fried.     Continue Reading

make your own yogurt
Breakfast, Healthy, Sugar-free Kitchen

Make your own healthy yogurt


Why make your own yogurt…. you might ask?  Well there are so many reasons.  Here is Kelly’s healthy yogurt recipe and a few pictures of our trip to a strawberry farm in California, for some fun strawberry picking, for fresh berries to add  to this delicious creamy yogurt recipe. Continue Reading

Almond tart sliced

Brown Butter Almond Tart

If you haven’t heard about “brown butter” yet,  you soon will. People are sneaking brown butter into tons of different recipes like  Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter, Pancakes with Cinnamon Brown Butter,  Fish with Brown Butter sauce and Brown Butter roasted vegetables. Here is my Brown Butter Almond Tart, which is rich and delicious, and definitely worth a try. Continue Reading


Make your own Healthy Cacao Granola

It seems like I have just got back from Australia, and tomorrow I leave for 5 weeks in beautiful California, so watch this space for some healthy, nutritious meals coming out of Kelly’s kitchen, where we will be cooking up a storm.

But before I leave, here is my new healthy granola recipe which is simple and quick to make. I have added all the goodness of raw cacao, organic rolled oats and nuts, making this chocolate granola super healthy and nutritious. Serve this Healthy Cacao Granola in a bowl with cold milk or yoghurt, and add banana or berries for an energy boosting breakfast that is a healthy alternative to processed chocolate cereals found in the stores. Continue Reading