Book review on JAN A Breath of French Air
Book Review

JAN – A Breath of French Air

Every story has a beginning. Mine started at the tables of my mother and grandmother, where the notion of true South African hospitality seeped into my consciousness to become the foundation on which I would later build JAN.  It is here that I learned the humble art of serving and creating a warm, welcoming space where people would feel special and escape the humdrum of everyday life, to enjoy the singular pleasures of good company and delicious food.”

Extracted from JAN – A Breath of French Air by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen (Struik Lifestyle)

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Ruby Grapefruit Yogurt Cake

I have this crazy love for loaf cakes which I can’t explain.  Maybe it’s because there is something about the fact that they don’t require any fancy toppings or decorations to make them perfect.  You can eat them hot as they come out the oven, sprinkle them with icing sugar, or spread with a simple frosting.  Whatever you choose, they are versatile little bakes, that will always make you happy.  This Ruby Grapefruit Yoghurt Cake is just one of these easy bakes I am talking about. Continue Reading

Healthy Brownie bites
Baking, Gluten-free, Healthy, Vegetarian

Nut Butter Brownie Bites

Raw Energy – get the best out of your ingredients by eating them the way nature intended.  These Nut Butter Brownies are pure health, goodness and energy in every bite.   They are vegan, gluten free and there is no cooking required.   What more could you ask for?…… oh yes deliciousness !!!!! Continue Reading

Cheese straws

Camembert Straws

I like to think of these Camembert Straws as the sophisticated version of a basic cheese straw.  These are made from scratch, using a delicious creamy wheel of Camembert, and seasoned with cracked black pepper. Continue Reading

Borough Market

Borough Market in London

I have been travelling since the end of January, how quickly nine weeks can go by when you are having fun.  With my family living all over the world, I think my life will be destined to travel this often, if not more.  Six weeks in California, through London, home for five days and then off to Australia for three weeks.   Although I have travelled to London more times than I can remember, I had never ventured to Borough Market until my last trip.  I can not imagine why it has taken me so long to visit this market. I love how Cosmopolitan it is, and yet so British.  It has something for everyone, with its bargains, inexpensive items and of course the glorious bounty of food stalls.

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Best Pastel Easter Bakes

Pretty Pastel Easter Baking

With a few days to Easter, here is a collection of some beautiful creations by some very talented bloggers whose work is a true inspiration.  There is still time  to bake something delicious for Easter, so follow the links below each image to view the recipes and details of how to make these amazing Easter Bakes.    Continue Reading

Chicken liver pate and sweet potato crisps

Country Chicken Liver Pate and Sweet Potato Crisps

This deliciously creamy chicken liver pate ticks all the boxes for me as a savoury snack to be served either on crisp breads or my favourite way, with home made root vegetable crisps.  I always make double quantities of this pate as it freezes so well.  Root vegetable crisps can be made in a few minutes and are far healthier than store bought ones.

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Coconut Rice and thai salad

Insanely delicious Thai Salad with Coconut Rice

When I travel to California, I am guaranteed to find a new favourite dish, and this insanely delicious Thai salad with coconut rice and satay dressing is just that recipe.  It’s great for lunchtime or as a light summer evening meal.  If you feel vegetables are not enough for you, add sliced grilled chicken, or serve as a side salad at a barbeque. Continue Reading

In love with chocolate
Baking, Chocolate

In Love with Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate says “I LOVE YOU” so much better than words, so the best way to spoil your love this Valentine’s Day , is with a delectable chocolate surprise.   Chocolate is a complex material which apparently possesses various compounds which act on the brain, producing a sense of delight , not unlike the feeling of love. This idea really appeals to me, from now onwards I can banish all feelings of guilt when I eat chocolate, instead I can blame my brain for resorting to thoughts of love. Continue Reading

Gluten free bread
Baking, Gluten-free

Gluten Free and Vegan Nut and Seed Loaf

I know you are most probably saying “A gluten free and Vegan loaf of bread, that actually tastes delicious?” It does sound too good to be true, but believe me there is one out there and its the genius of the very talented Sarah Britton, the Holistic Nutritionist, from My New Roots , who describes it as “The life changing loaf of bread”.

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