Barbeque without bending the rules

Braai without bending the rules

I am really excited to welcome Marilina Lewis, Nutrition Coach, back with more of her amazing healthy eating tips.


For our overseas friends “braaing” is the Afrikaans word for grilling meat over an open fire, in other words your regular barbecue.  Braaing is part of our everyday lives in South Africa.  Because our weather is so good year round, we are able to cook outside most of the year  and as South Africans we  braai  whenever we get the opportunity, . Because braaing normally constitutes large quantities of meat and “boerewors”  another Afrikaans word  boer (farmer) and wors (sausage) , it is not always the healthiest choice.  Marilina is going to show us some healthy braaing options.  So get outside to your braai or barbecue and get  down to some serious healthy eating.

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 Hello  All…..

Keeping Clean & Watching your Waistline doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the weekend super-sport of many South Africans….the Braai. It is just a matter of making smarter choices that fit in with your eating plan. Don’t let great big burger buns and fatty boerewors ruin all your hard work! Webers, used wisely, are great mates and can really help keep you on your path

Healthy Braai

Here are a few ways to ‘Braai without bending the rules’:

ALWAYS REMEMBER the golden rule *PLANNING & PREPARATION IS KEY* – make sure you have the ‘cleaner’ foods available if you are hosting – or offer to make the salad when you get invited to the braai.

Grilled Veggies can taste delicious and will keep you from eating the white rolls and overloading on the meat.

Fresh Fish – marinade in a little olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon juice and braai until the skin is crispy or wrap in foil to lock in the flavours

Lean Meat – you don’t have to give up the beefy braai completely. By keeping the burger patties lean, the meat cuts without the bone or the fatty edges, the marinades fresh & spicy and the portions petite, you can ‘chow-down’ with the rest of them!

Chicken Kebabs – are a good alternative to a dry breast and proves that chicken can still be succulent without the calorie-laden skin.

Ditch the Cheese – enjoy the flavour of the meat instead of confusing your taste buds with all those extra melted calories. If you really love cheese then eat a little on its own instead of the meat!

Fill up on Salads – they give you a good boost of nutrients and help you to eat smaller portions of the higher-calories goodies on your plate. Fill 60% of your plate with salad or veggies (raw is best), but make sure you use the water-rich leafy greens and rainbow coloured crunchy ones, avoiding rich creamy dressings, using lemon juice and olive oil instead.


Mushrooms – topped with a little black pepper, a smear of pesto mixed with ricotta or cottage cheese and wrapped in foil – place on the braai for a ‘meaty’ alternative.

Mixed Peppers – plus other veggies like zucchini, onions, asparagus – drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with cayenne pepper, Himalayan salt & black pepper, placed on the grill until deliciously charred.

Asian Salmon – delicious when coated in a marinade of freshly chopped ginger, lemon juice and light soya sauce – then lightly grilled.

Spicy Kebabs  – mix together chopped onions, crushed garlic, paprika and yoghurt, plus a drizzle of olive oil & seasoning – add chunky cubes of chicken breasts, and marinate overnight in a ziplock  bag. Thread onto soaked wooden sticks and grill till golden.

Sweetcorn Salad – 6 sweetcorn, raw and sliced off the cob, 2 chopped tomatoes, 1 chopped red pepper, 1 cup broccoli, raw and finely chopped, 1 Avo, diced – Mix together, add a little olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon and season with lots of Herbamare salt and black pepper.


Marilina Lewis

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Durban, South Africa


I am extremely passionate about health and wellness and I dedicate my time to this field as I believe adults and children need to be encouraged to live an optimum lifestyle. I also believe that health is about lifestyle change, not about dieting and deprivation.  I want to make it my mission to close the gap between the “delicious master chefs” and the perception that eating healthy food needs to be boring and a ‘punishment’.  My free and colourful weekly newsletters, which often include recipes, also help to teach people how to keep healthy food exciting & tasty.


I offer my wellness service in the workplace to help optimise the productivity of employees, minimising the need for sick leave and managing stress levels. This creates team building and allows for a happy, healthy environment.

I provide my services at Wellness Days/Programs held at company venues. This includes healthy food displays and advice, consulting on existing health conditions of the employees, either in a group or individually. It includes healthy food demos and group workshops that target health, wellness and weight loss. I am also able to provide health ‘makeovers’ for company canteens.


My services include devising unique personalised eating plans for individuals (for weight loss and to help specific health conditions), for shape-up challenges and group workshops, using Live Blood Analysis as a motivational tool as well.







                                                                    083 626 8427



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