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  • Muesli Breakfast Tart

    Muesli Tart

    Looking for something different for a special breakfast?  This Muesli Tart is a wonderful combination of a sweet pastry, breakfast muesli, and dried fruit soaked in rooibos tea and blended to form…

  • The Benefits of Cinnamon

    The Benefits of Cinnamon

      I am so excited that my beautiful daughter-in-law Kelly,  has joined Shades of Cinnamon with tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle.  She is a Nutritionist (CNC) Herbalist (CCMH) and Aromatherapist (CCMA).…

  • Bircher muesli Power breakfast

    Bircher Muesli Healthy Power Breakfast

      Bircher Muesli, packs a powerful punch and keeps your energy levels up .  It comprises uncooked rolled oats and I have added flaked coconut, mixed seeds and nuts, fruit and Agave…