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  • Vegetable fritters

    Vegetable Fritters

    Looking for something different for  lunch or breakfast.  These vegetable fritters are the perfect solution.  Today I have paired them with avocado, cream cheese and smoked salmon, but there are so many other…

  • Coconut Lentil Curry

    Coconut Green Lentil Curry

    A little savoury to tantalise your tastebuds today.   This is my take on a traditional Indian Dhal, with Cape Malay and  Thai influences. The Coconut cream gives a subtle hint of sweetness…

  • How to make flavoured salts

    How to make Flavoured Salt

      Make your own flavoured salt with just a few ingredients.  It looks great on the table and tastes even better. There is no need to buy expensive fancy salts available in…

  • Eat your art out

    Eat your Art out

       Having a little fun with food and art.  The lines and textures of my favorite wooden African carving which hangs on the wall in my kitchen, reminded me of small bite…

  • Beef and vegetable pot pies

    Beef, vegetable and caramelized onion pot pies

    The weather is colder and this makes it a perfect time for a Winter warming pot pie , rich in flavours and goodness.  Using inexpensive cuts of meat and vegetables this recipe…

  • Babotie spring rolls

    Babotie Spring Rolls

    Africa is home to a multitude of different ethnic groups and cultures, and this diversity is reflected in the many culinary traditions,  in their preparation, and the cooking of food. These Bobotie…