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  • Chia and Parmesan Crackers

    Rosemary, Chia and Parmesan Crackers

    I am a huge Donna Hay fan, have all her books and my ipad is filled to the brim with each and every magazine.  Late night reading for me will usually be hours of…

  • gluten free muffins

    Gluten Free Pecan and Cinnamon Muffins

    Whether you are allergic to glutens or not, the new found popularity in following a gluten-free diet or eating more gluten-free foods will most definitely benefit you, regardless of your current health.…

  • Healthy Brownie bites

    Nut Butter Brownie Bites

    Raw Energy – get the best out of your ingredients by eating them the way nature intended.  These Nut Butter Brownies are pure health, goodness and energy in every bite.   They are…

  • Gluten free bread

    Gluten Free and Vegan Nut and Seed Loaf

    I know you are most probably saying “A gluten free and Vegan loaf of bread, that actually tastes delicious?” It does sound too good to be true, but believe me there is…

  • Gluten free Almond tuiles

    Gluten Free Almond Tuiles

    Ooh….la….la…. I have just returned from a few beautiful days in Paris,  and as I love anything French, I thought I would make these crisp wafer thin Almond Tuiles to serve with my Lemon…

  • Making nut milks

    A Guide to soaking and activating Nuts and Seeds

    It’s a beautiful day when you can sit back and enjoy a fresh juice, nut milk, or some combination that you know is making you healthier, helping you lose weight, and just…