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  • Muffins

    Roasted Pumpkin, Parmesan and Basil Muffins

    I’ve always had a soft spot for muffins.  There are not too many that I would turn  my nose up to, in fact sweet or savoury, they press all the right buttons for…

  • How to make flavoured salts

    How to make Flavoured Salt

      Make your own flavoured salt with just a few ingredients.  It looks great on the table and tastes even better. There is no need to buy expensive fancy salts available in…

  • Lemon and basil tarts

    The Best Lemon and Basil Tarts

    Lemon and Basil Tart made the true french way with Pate Sucree and Lemon Cream.  Its been two years since I had my first Tarte Citron at Jacques Genin in Paris.  It…

  • How to make Pesto like a real Italian Mamma

    How to make Pesto like a real Italian Mamma

    If there is one thing I have learned from my many trips to Italy, its that to make the perfect pesto you need great fresh ingredients.  Traditional Italian pesto is made from…