5 Healthy Breakfasts we should be eating

Purple means Plums, Blackberries, Blueberries, , Acai and all things good and healthy.  When you see these beautiful colourful fruits on your plate, you just know your meal is going to be overflowing with health and goodness.  Here are 5 tasty breakfast ideas from around the net to make your weekend as bright  as it should be.

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Roasted Pumpkin, Parmesan and Basil Muffins

I’ve always had a soft spot for muffins.  There are not too many that I would turn  my nose up to, in fact sweet or savoury, they press all the right buttons for me.  I always triple test my recipes before putting them up on the blog, but I have made these delicious Savoury Roasted Pumpkin, Parmesan and Basil Muffins more times than I can count.  They are absolutely delicious ,  try them,  you won’t be sorry.

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Simply Delicious a cookbook by Zola Nene

Simply Delicious – Zola Nene

‘Food has always been a huge part of my life; important occasions were always marked with a feast of some sort…’ this book chronicles my food journey thus far – how it started and what has shaped me into the chef  I am today.’

Extracted from Simply Delicious by Zola Nene (Struik Lifestyle)

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Traditional South African Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding – South African Dessert

This dessert says “South African” like no other and is comfort food at its very best.    Every  South African cook has a variation of this pudding in at least one of their cookbooks.   Overflowing with sweetness,  this apricot flavoured spongy cake-like dessert  is worth every single calorie.  And believe me, you will be going back for more.   It’s just one of those desserts that makes you throw caution to the wind and forget about those jeans that are already too tight.  Tomorrow is another day for dieting, unless of course there are left overs, because this amazing pudding is delicious heated up the next day too.

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Supperclub Jan a breath of french air

Supper Club

Four friends plus a supper club that has been going for over twenty five years adds up to an incredible amount of meals cooked together and shared with love.  We’ve had loads of fun and laughter, sampled many bottles of wine,  and eaten some spectacular meals.  This is our latest meal cooked from the beautiful cookbook  JAN – A Breath of French Air. Continue Reading

Crunchies like mama makes them

Crunchies – A South African Favourite

When I orginally started my blog it was for the sole purpose of keeping a record of all my recipes for my children who live around the world.  My mother’s recipes have always remained very close to my heart, as I lost her in my teenage years. Although there are only a few, I feel they are a way of keeping her memory alive.   Continue Reading

Chia and Parmesan Crackers

Rosemary, Chia and Parmesan Crackers

I am a huge Donna Hay fan, have all her books and my ipad is filled to the brim with each and every magazine.  Late night reading for me will usually be hours of pure joy as I page through her recipes again and again whilst drooling over the beautiful images by William Meppem, one of my favourite food photographers.  Continue Reading


Zululand – a few days in the bush

We recently spent a few days on the beautiful Lake Jozini which borders Swaziland and Zululand to do some Tiger Fishing and then on to Mavela Game Lodge in the Rhino Reserve in Zululand for birdwatching.   Zululand  like the rest of the South Africa, is currently in the grip of a massive drought and the magnificent Lake Jozini has been reduced to 45 percent capacity.  We still however managed to do some fantastic birdwatching with lots of amazing waterbirds, and had great fun Tiger fishing.   Continue Reading

gluten free muffins

Gluten Free Pecan and Cinnamon Muffins

Whether you are allergic to glutens or not, the new found popularity in following a gluten-free diet or eating more gluten-free foods will most definitely benefit you, regardless of your current health.  Its going to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle, by choosing natural, raw or untreated foods and will make you think twice about the food you are consuming, whether it be your favourite take out,  the cakes and breads you are baking, or the meals you will be cooking each day. Continue Reading

Book review on JAN A Breath of French Air

JAN – A Breath of French Air

Every story has a beginning. Mine started at the tables of my mother and grandmother, where the notion of true South African hospitality seeped into my consciousness to become the foundation on which I would later build JAN.  It is here that I learned the humble art of serving and creating a warm, welcoming space where people would feel special and escape the humdrum of everyday life, to enjoy the singular pleasures of good company and delicious food.”

Extracted from JAN – A Breath of French Air by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen (Struik Lifestyle)

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