5 Meals on bread

5 Delicious Meals on Bread

Whether its Italian Crostini, African Corn Bread, Soft white Buns or healthy spelt Flatbreads, there is no denying that bread has been a staple food in man’s diet since prehistoric times.  If we travelled to the far sides of the earth we would find that bread is eaten by almost every culture,  each priding themselves with their own unique versions.

Here are my favourite versions of meals on bread from past posts. Click on either the image or the title below to get the full version and recipes.


Ostrich burger

Ostrich Burger with African Corn Bread

chicken livers and onion

Chicken Livers with Sweet Onion on Crostini

Flatbread from spelt flour

Spelt Flatbreads with Chicken souvlaki and Tzatziki Salad

Ostrich burger on a soft white bun

Soft White Buns with pulled pork and coleslaw

grilled asparagus and poached egg

Ciabatta with grilled Asparagus and Poached Eggs 

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