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  • Chia and Parmesan Crackers

    Rosemary, Chia and Parmesan Crackers

    I am a huge Donna Hay fan, have all her books and my ipad is filled to the brim with each and every magazine.  Late night reading for me will usually be hours of…

  • Gluten free bread

    Gluten Free and Vegan Nut and Seed Loaf

    I know you are most probably saying “A gluten free and Vegan loaf of bread, that actually tastes delicious?” It does sound too good to be true, but believe me there is…

  • Chinese cabbage salad

    Chinese cabbage salad

       I love this crunchy,  cabbage salad. Its healthy, colorful, crunchy, sweet, salty and tangy all in one mouthful.  My  friends and I have been making it forever,  and it always gets the…

  • Trail mix

    Trail Mix

    Homemade trail mix –  its a tasty and nutritious treat when you’re on the go.  For me, its for birdwatching, viewing wild animals, or hiking through the Zululand bushveld.  But whether u are…