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  • Bundt Cake with almond

    Traditional Bundt Cake with an Almond Twist

    This is a delicious traditional bundt cake with a subtle almond flavour.  With it’s simple ring shape and elegant curves a bundt cake needs no additions to make it a show stopper. …

  • Gluten free Almond tuiles

    Gluten Free Almond Tuiles

    Ooh….la….la…. I have just returned from a few beautiful days in Paris,  and as I love anything French, I thought I would make these crisp wafer thin Almond Tuiles to serve with my Lemon…

  • How to make nut milks

    How to make Blended Nut Milks and Creams

    Soy milk is the go-to alternative to dairy but sadly almost all commercially farmed soybeans come from genetically modified crops making it far from being a healthy alternative. Unfermented soy also disrupts…