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  • Hummus and Falafels

    Falafels and Hummus

    We all have our favourite “Falafel Man” who vends this delicious snack all over the world.  In any city in the world, if you see a queue in a food quarter, it…

  • Pumpkin Hummus

    Pumpkin Hummus

      Pumpkin and Garlic Hummus  and Pumpkin Spiced Hummus by Kelly Thomas – Nutritionist (CNC) Herbalist (CCMH) and Aromatherapist (CCMA). We visited our first pumpkin patch this week and it was delightful.  Orange…

  • Patrick Holford's leek and bean soup

    Patrick Holford’s Leek, Potato and Bean Soup

    Patrick Holford  is Britain’s leading nutrition expert, and author of over thirty books on diet, health and nutrition. His 9 Day Liver Detox, contains delicious recipes, which are nutritious and have become part…

  • Primordial Soup

    Patrick Holford’s Primordial Soup

    This soup recipe is from Patrick Holford’s 9 Day Liver Detox, which is the easiest detox diet in the world.  Every recipe is so delicious you almost want to stay on the…

  • Pasta with peppers

    Pasta with Grilled Peppers and Chili

     If you are looking for a healthy pasta without any frills, this one is for you. There is no cream or tomatoe sauce added, its just fresh and aromatic , and the…