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  • The Best ever chocolate brownies

    The Best Chocolate Brownies

     Lets face facts, the year is almost over and once again Christmas is upon us, and its time to think of all those  Christmas Gifts that you still have to buy.  What…

  • Chocolate and Pretzel Tart

    Dark Chocolate and Pretzel Tart

    Do you belong to a Supper Club?  Its great fun, and if you are the host,  its a third of the hard work, because you only have to make the main course.…

  • Chocolate truffles

    Chocolate Truffles

     This recipe is modified and adapted from Michael Paul’s “Parisian Chocolate Truffles”, which I tried and found a little too complicated.  It needed the use of a chocolate thermometer, which most people…

  • Date and coconut balls

    No Bake Date and Coconut Balls

     Date balls are simple to make and require no baking.  For those of you who haven’t eaten dates before, or are not mad about the idea of eating them, I can assure…

  • Milk tart and milk tart shooters

    Milk Tart and Milk Tart Shooters

    There are many desserts in South Africa that have been acquired during the period of its colonization.  One of these is the Traditional milk tart or “melk tert” as we call it…

  • Baked Berry Cheesecake

    Baked Berry Cheesecakes

      These mouthwatering little cheesecakes make stunning individual desserts. They can be made ahead of time and decorated just before you serve them.…