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  • Pumpkin granola

    Pumpkin and Spice Granola

       I am in the USA for 5 weeks, and am fully into the swing of pumpkins for Fall.  I know nothing about pumpkin patches, hayrides, crazy stores full of Halloween delights,…

  • Bircher muesli Power breakfast

    Bircher Muesli Healthy Power Breakfast

      Bircher Muesli, packs a powerful punch and keeps your energy levels up .  It comprises uncooked rolled oats and I have added flaked coconut, mixed seeds and nuts, fruit and Agave…

  • Berry Granola Breakfast

    Berries yoghurt and granola Breakfast

     I have been feeling really blue lately, and with our nation in a state of shock over the fall from grace of one of our inspirational sporting heroes, it has added to…

  • Poach the perfect egg

    Poach the perfect egg

    What is your favourite way to eat eggs?  Whether it’s scrambled, poached, or a dip for soldiers, get the whole family enjoying eggs and joining the celebration on World Egg Day .…